Drake Pillow Top Mattress

$43.99 | Per Week ( 26 weeks )

$190.62 | Per Month ( 6 months )

$1,143.74 | Retail Price

SKU: matt5
Brand: Englander


Drake Pillow Top Mattress

2-Sided Mattress

Fabric Encased, Zoned Coil Unit

Ultra premium, high tensile strength, 6 turn pre-compressed coils are individually fabric encased and bonded together.  These bonded coils contour and adjust to your body’s shape and weight for exceptional comfort and support.

Posturized Design

Zoned center two-thirds of spring unit features heavier gauge

Coils for extra support and increased sleeping space

Queen Mattress Coil count  864

Comfort Layers

1 ½” regular polyfoam and

1” high density gel polyfoam on deck

Panel quilt features tack & jump

Quilt design with ¾” FR protection

And 2” super soft polyfoam