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CUT THE CORD Ditch your cable for free streaming services with the Stream Smart Pro. It is worth every penny and will save you money. This little box connects to your wi-fi/internet service and opens up a whole world of tv, movie, sports, and event programming. Get 100s of channels. Stop into a store and see for yourself! Think there are less expensive routes to stream? Probably. But none offer the features of Stream Smart. Check out the comparisons below. STREAM SMART PRO VS Roku VS Firestick StreamSmart VS. Roku StreamSmart Offers Updated firmware – You are assured that the software running inside is up to date and contains the latest programs. Customized channel list – for its massive database of movies, TV shows, sports, cartoons, etc., all of which are updated weekly. You can watch most movies and shows in high definition, including those seen on cable television. PPV channels – included in the one time purchase price. Special sporting events are available without buffering and short loading times. Custom Remote Control – designed to give you maximum use and enjoyment of all StreamSmart features . Customer Support with “Live Chat.” Anytime you need help with your viewing pleasure, there will always be someone to help you enjoy the full experience. Not only are there support admins monitoring the support group, other users of StreamSmart are constantly giving feedback and helping others. Roku Pros Cheap cost – the initial cost of a Roku device is around $40. Netflix – works well with Netflix but requires a subscription. (StreamSmart offers the same content Netflix does without a fee) Simple to use – with only a few choices, a Roku is fairly simple to navigate. Roku Cons Paid Content – Roku is not an all in one package. Many new movies require an additional fee. Premium channels like HBO and Showtime also require a subscription. Limited sports/games selection. Lack of support Limited Remote Control –� a Roku remote only has a few buttons and does not have the same capabilities a StreamSmart remote has. Summary: StreamSmart is an all-in-one device that does not require subscriptions or any other monthly fees. Sports fans will be disappointed in a Roku and will be in heaven with a StreamSmart. A StreamSmart TV does require a faster internet than a Roku device, but many Internet provider’s basic package gives more than enough speed for a StreamSmart to operate. StreamSmart is a higher initial investment, but it pays for itself due to the amount of movies. TV shows, , PPV events, sports and even fitness programs. StreamSmart vs Firesticks Here are a couple key things to think about with Fire Sticks. Kodi is the main media center being used on both StreamSmart and most “unlocked” Amazon Firesticks. 1. Kodi was previously available on Apple TV’S until one day Apple pushed an update that stopped users from installing it. It is not a stretch to believe Amazon is working on this same update for their Firesticks and other products. 2. Lack of updates – sellers of “unlocked” Firesticks have no way of updating a device they sold unless they were to physically plug the Firestick into their computer and run updates. StreamSmart’s updates are pushed over the air to all of its users on a regular basis. 3. StreamSmart has a team of over ten keeping up with all the new add-ons and changes in Kodi. Add-ons within Kodi can change on a daily basis, without a team monitoring these changes, a device like a Firestick can turn into a paperweight. 4. Fire Sticks are not made to run Kodi, they are jail broken.� StreamSmart’s only purpose is to run Kodi and that’s why it runs much smoother. We have a custom Kodi that operates efficiently and provides a great user experience. 5. No Firestick can get our premium add-ons like Channel Up or SportsAccess unless the end user pays the $10-$20 per month these premium add-on companies charge. StreamSmart has a partnership with both of these companies allowing us to give our users access to these premium add-ons without the monthly charge. 6. Firesticks can not stream live HD content – due to the hardware specs being so low on a Firestick, the processor simply can not handle the amount of data that needs to be processed in order to stream live HD sports, PPV events and even live HD channels like ABC and NBC. Summary: StreamSmart was built to stream and use the Kodi Media Center. A Firestick may work well when it is first installed, but it will slow start losing its features due to dead add-ons. Without the Kodi Media Center being updated, the user experience greatly suffers and users of Firesticks often end up getting frustrated and switching back to normal TV. Many sellers of “unlocked” Amazon Firesticks claim that Amazon supports these products. Once a device is jailbroken, the support is gone. Amazon support representatives have no way in helping a user with Kodi, the StreamSmart team is dedicated to helping its users with Kodi.

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