LG XBOOM 1100W Entertainment System with Karaoke Creator

$40.00 | Per Week ( 78 weeks )

$160.00 | Per Month ( 18 months )

$2,800.00 | Cash Price

Brand: LG


Enjoy dynamic audio with the LG CK57 1100W Bluetooth Music System. It delivers up to 1100W of total power from its two 2-way speakers and subwoofer. Bluetooth is built-in for wireless music streaming from compatible devices like smartphones and tablets. The CK57 has two USB ports that support audio playback from compatible USB drives. The RCA input allows you to connect a more traditional audio source, and the integrated FM tuner allows you to enjoy free over-the-air radio programming. The built-in CD player supports MP3- and WMA-encoded CDs. You can also sing along with your tunes with the 1/4" mic input and the Karaoke Creator feature.

-LED Party Lighting

-Karaoke Creator

-Voice Filters

-Multi Bluetooth